You may have several questions relating to how painful the procedure will be and how long this pain could last. Your questions may involve the procedure itself, the analgesic used or the recovery period. The consultant should make every attempt to answer these questions, in order to assuage your fears and enlist you in the pain management process.1

Pre-OP consultation

The pre-operative assessment usually takes place one or two days before the surgical procedure. During this assessment, the results of previous blood tests and other relevant tests will also be discussed. You will also be screened for MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) and will be asked general questions about your health, medical history, medications and home circumstances.2

Pre-OP consultation - physician

At this point, predictive factors for post-operative pain should be considered and taken into account when planning a post-operative pain management strategy. Previous experiences of post-operative pain, if any, may also be helpful in decision-making.3

Pre-OP consultation - patient



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