CHANGE PAIN – Initiative in the field of chronic and acute pain

CHANGE PAIN® aims to understand the needs of pain patients and develops solutions to improve the management of pain.

Since the initiative was launched in 12 European countries in 2009, CHANGE PAIN® already has a history of success in the area of chronic pain management. A great number of tools have been developed to make physicians’ daily practice easier and more than 65,000 healthcare professionals have been involved in CHANGE PAIN® educational activities, either completing web-based learning modules or attending workshops across Europe.

Now, we welcome you to an important new phase of the CHANGE PAIN® initiative. The CHANGE PAIN® initiative aims to raise awareness of the unmet needs in post-operative pain management and to develop solutions that improve post-operative pain management across Europe.

“Poor management of post-operative acute pain can contribute to medical complications including pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, infection and delayed healing, as well as the development of chronic pain. It is therefore important that all patients undergoing surgery should receive adequate pain management.”1 To offer patients throughout Europe a more effective pain management at an early stage a deeper knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of pain, different pharmacological principles and further options is of high relevance to choose tailored treatment for the individual.


Effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients

The way in which healthcare professionals and patients communicate with each other is very important, as understanding the level and impact of pain forms the basis for agreeing upon a pain management plan. CHANGE PAIN develops tools to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals which can be found in this website.


PAIN EDUCATION is key to change

CHANGE PAIN provides healthcare professionals with a broad PAIN EDUCATION program which helps them to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific information about diagnosis, treatment and management of pain. The PAIN EDUCATION program consists of an online suite of electronic Continuing Medical Education courses (eCME), accredited by the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS). It includes several modules which can be accessed on

Further elements of the PAIN EDUCATION program are non-accredited eLearning modules and the PAIN Compendium, a comprehensive online textbook on pain management. Additionally, many accredited PAIN EDUCATION face-to-face training courses are organized across Europe.


Multidisciplinary teams

Pain as a multi-dimensional condition requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. A multidisciplinary approach provides benefits for patients, healthcare providers and society as a whole. CHANGE PAIN has developed numerous tools to support professionals and patients – available here.


Endorsers of CHANGE PAIN

In 2009, the European Pain Federation EFIC became the first endorser of this initiative that originally focused on severe chronic pain topics. In 2015 the CHANGE PAIN initiative was expanded to include acute pain topics focusing on addressing the need for improved post-operative pain management. As the initiative is evolving, it is supported by additional organisations on an international as well as local level.



Meissner W, et al. Improving the management of post-operative acute pain: priorities for CHANGE. CMRO 2015; 31(11):2131-2143


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