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Pain Toolkit

41 Action Planning For me everyday was the same. Get up, have breakfast, watch TV, have lunch, watch TV, the family would come home from work, watch more TV. Learning to set simple action plans has helped me to break these boring habits. I now set simple goals so that I regularly stretch and exercise and of course include relaxation. Guess what? I now watch less TV. I feel more in control, and have less pain. B.B. Essex Using the Internet I found the Healthtalkonline site very useful. It gave me the opportu- nity to hear, see and read about how others live with their pain. I now know I’m not on my own. N.K. Somerset There seem to be a lot of websites that wanted to tell me that if I took this or did that, my pain would disappear. I now tend to only visit sites that use the,, or addresses. T.F. Essex Self Management Skills