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Pain Toolkit

40 WWW.CHANGE-PAIN.COM Feedback from people who have used the Pain Toolkit Pacing I found the ‘pacing’ tool most effective for me. I was one of those people who always did an activity until the pain became too excruci- ating and only then I would stop. Now that I pace my activities, I feel I can do more without the pain increasing. Keeping a pain diary also helped me to see where I was doing too much. H.T. London the key I didn’t like that when I read it. Who was this Pete Moore telling me that I had to ac- cept my pain? But when I sat down and thought it through, acceptance is the key to mov- ing on and I now feel I have done that. By using some of the tools, I have got my family life back and even returned to work. M.E. Chelmsford