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News&Review No.3

2 FOREWORD As chairmen of the International CHANGE PAIN Advi- sory Board we were honoured to welcome almost 200 pain experts from all over the world at the International CHANGE PAIN Expert Summit in Rome in June 2010. At the meeting we shared insights resulting from the discussions within the advisory panel on how to make current pain management more efficient. Since there is no consistent treatment approach across Europe, chronic pain is still a burden for sufferers. CHANGE PAIN aims to help healthcare professionals in optimizing current pain management strategies and to achieve better therapeutic outcomes. The commitments are threefold: RESEARCH – to generate insights into patients’ needs; PUBLISH – to communicate findings in scientific publications; EDUCATE – to improve physicians’ knowledge of pain physiology and treatment. At the Expert Summit many of the issues relevant to chronic pain were discussed and some of the solutions aiming to support healthcare professionals in daily practice, such as the CHANGE PAIN Scale and the PAIN EDUCATION programme, were presented. Feedback from the participants confirmed the importance of CHANGE PAIN: “89% agreed on the key factors for improving chronic pain management as identified by the CHANGE PAIN Advisory Panel” “91% are willing to support CHANGE PAIN principles in their countries” “49% agreed that CHANGE PAIN addresses major topics and 48% wanted to contribute their ideas”. We appreciate your support and invite you to get in- volved in CHANGE PAIN and contribute your expertise in further developing this initiative in your country. Professor Giustino Varrassi President of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC) Dr Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe President of the German Association for Pain Therapy (DGS), Germany