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6 References 1. Müller-Schwefe G et al. European survey of chro- nic pain patients: results for Germany. Curr Med Res Opin, 2011, 27(11): 1-8. 2. Survey of undergraduate pain curricula for healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom: A Short Report. The Pain Education Special Inte- rest Group of the British Pain Society, London, UK, 2009. bers_sig_edu_short_report_survey.pdf 3. The international CHANGE PAIN physician sur- vey: does specialism influence the perception of pain and its treatment? Current Medical Re- search & Opinion Vol. 28, No. 5, 2012, 823–831 CHANGE PAIN® Scale One of the reasons for inadequate pain control is due to the lack of communication between physi- cians and patients. In many cases chronic pain patients are unable, or reluctant, to report the level of pain they are experiencing. As a con- sequence physicians can have a poor understanding of the patients’ condition. To aid this situation the CHANGE PAIN® initiative develo- ped the CHANGE PAIN® Scale to allow assessment of pain through a more holistic approach taking into account patients’ expectations. More than 250,000 scales and do- cumentation forms have already been distributed in 12 European countries. These allow the present pain level to be assessed using an 11-point Numerical Rating Scale and also assess the effect of pain on everyday living. This information allows patients and physicians to jointly agree on the need for impro- vement and be able to set realistic expectations and individualised treatment targets. PAIN EDUCATION Workshops With regard to pain relief, it has been shown that medical training both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level is insufficient2 , with over a third of students recei- ving less than 10 hours of tuition. Educating healthcare professionals on the adequate use of analgesics based on underlying pain mecha- nisms has become an important part of the CHANGE PAIN® initia- tive. A wide range of complemen- tary learning programmes are now offered. These include Workshops and eCME certified online courses (accessible via which have involved so far around 25,000 physicians overall in Eu- rope. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Present Pain Level Tolerable Pain Level Pain as bad as you can imagine No Pain SCALE PainScale_Lay3_deutsch_Layout 1 19.11.10 12:17 Seite 1 Change pain® scale Need for improvement Sleep General Activity Ability to Work Relations with other people Mood Slide Effects not at all a little very much PainScale_Lay3_deutsch_Layout 1 19.11.10 12:17 Seite 2