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2 The views in this publication do not necessarily represent those of the Publishers or Sponsors. This edition is sponsored by Grünenthal GmbH. However, all editorial control remains with the authors and editors. Published by Euromed Communications 2011 copyright © Euromed Communications Chairs Prof Hans Georg Kress Austria Dr Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe Germany Dr Karsten Ahlbeck – Sweden Prof Eli Alon – Switzerland Prof Stefano Coaccioli – Italy Prof Flaminia Coluzzi – Italy Dr Wolfgang Jaksch – Austria Prof Eija Kalso – Finland Dr Magdalena Kocot-Kępska – Poland Dr Ana Cristina Mangas – Portugal Dr César Margarit Ferri – Spain Dr Andrew Nicolaou – UK Prof Michael Schäfer – Germany Dr Patrick Sichere – France Prof Joseph Pergolizzi – USA INTERNATIONAL CHANGE PAIN ADVISORY PANEL 6th meeting December 2011 It is now almost three years since the interna- tional initiative CHANGE PAIN® was introduced with the aim of enhancing our understanding of the needs of the chronic pain patient and developing solutions to improve pain therapy. In this issue of the CHANGE PAIN® News and Reviews we consider how much has thus far been achieved towards improving chronic pain management. Through the use of the CHANGE PAIN® Physician and Patient Surveys we now have a better understanding of current pain treatment strategies and how successful these are perceived to be by pain sufferers. Solutions developed by the CHANGE PAIN® initiative such as the CHANGE PAIN Scale and the PAIN EDUCATION program are now being employed in an increa- sing number of European countries. In this issue we have articles from Advisory Board members in Italy, Spain and Portugal, providing us with first-hand experi- ence of how successful the initiative has been in their respec- tive countries. Recently the International Advisory Board discussed the spe- cial needs of elderly patients with chronic pain and the parti- cular challenge management of pain represents in this group. At congresses, meetings and thorough online activities the CHANGE PAIN® initiative will continue to support healthcare professional contributing their expertise to improve better pain management outcomes in their countries. F O R E W O R D Professor Hans Georg Kress President of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)