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2 Chairs Professor Giustino Varrassi Italy Dr med Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe Germany DrWolfgang Jaksch – Austria Professor Bart Morlion – Belgium Professor Eija Kalso – Finland Dr Patrick Sichere – France Professor Michael Schäfer – Germany Dr Flaminia Coluzzi – Italy Dr Marco Berti – Italy Professor Frank Huygen – Netherlands Dr Magdalena Kocot-Kępska – Poland Dr Ana Cristina Mangas – Portugal Dr Cesar Margarit Ferri – Spain Dr Concepción Pérez Hernández – Spain Dr Karsten Ahlbeck – Sweden Professor Eli Alon – Switzerland Dr Philippe Mavrocordatos – Switzerland Dr Dominic Aldington – UK Dr Beverly Collett – UK Dr Andrew Nicolaou – UK Professor Joseph Pergolizzi – USA INTERNATIONAL CHANGE PAIN ADVISORY PANEL First results of the CHANGE PAIN Physician Survey confirmed that there are still very large differences in daily practice of severe chronic pain management in Europe. The survey inves- tigates the different approaches physicians across Europe follow when treating chronic non-cancer patients. Although treatment of se- vere chronic pain often requires the use of strong analgesics, approximately one-fifth of healthcare professionals stated they never pre- scribe strong opioids for this condition – one reason among others why so many patients in Europe are still undertreated. If we are to improve chronic pain management better education on the adequate use of analgesics is required at both the university and post-graduate level. A deeper knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of pain, different pharmacological principles and further options is of high relevance to choose tai- lored treatment for the individual. At its second meeting, the international CHANGE PAIN Advisory Panel agreed on a new educational programme designed to move treatment from symptom control towards mechanism- based multi-modal management of chronic pain. Moreover, the group has devised the CHANGE PAIN Scale, a new user-friendly communication tool aimed at assessing pain via a more holistic approach, taking into account patients’ expectations on pain relief and quality of life improvement. Published with the support of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC), the CHANGE PAIN News & Reviews Journal summarises the solutions developed by the expert group – help- ing physicians to optimize current pain management strategies and achieve better therapeutic outcomes. The views in this publication do not necessarily represent those of the Publishers or Sponsors.This edition is sponsored by Grünenthal GmbH. However, all editorial control remains with the authors and editors. Published by Euromed Communications 2010 copyright © Euromed Communications FOREWORD Professor Giustino Varrassi President of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)